2013 Grant Citations

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Age:16         Education-Languages

Alecia is a current student at Samuel Marsden school. She is a focussed, hardworking person who enjoys a challenge. Alicia balances her busy life between school work, sports, music, leadership positions and her family.

Alicia is enrolling into a Bachelor of Speech and Language Therapy programme next year, which is a 4 year degree. Her grant will assist her with university expenses..


Age:20         Education-Nursing

Lauren is a current student at Whitirera Polytecnic and has achieved a Certificate in Health Science Level 3. Lauren has been a part of Evolve (a Wellington Youth Service) for the last few years and shows strength in working alongside other youth and helping them through their own situations.

She has a passion for Nursing and her grant will be used for her first year of study for a Bachelor of Nursing degree..


Age:21         Education-Arts/Engineering

Charlotte DAVISCharlotte is about to commence the final semester at Auckland University, studying a Bachelor of Arts and Engineering. Charlotte has high work standards and has the ability to take her career to an extremely high level..

Charlotte has been accepted for a semester exchange to Lund University in Sweden where she will absorb another language and culture and develop her leadership skills. Her grant will assist with living costs.


Age:17         Education-Performing Arts

Hannah DOOGABHannah is currently Deputy Head Girl at Wellington College achieving excellent academic results. Hannah’s community work centres around her love of drama. She is a member of the World Vision committee and is also participating in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award. Her passion is Drama and next year she plans to use her grant towards first year Study at Otago University combining a Performing Arts Degree with either a Bachelor of Law or Arts.


Age:17         Education-Health Science

PRIYANKI GANDHIPriyanki attends Newlands College where she is achieving top marks academically. She has made a wide contribution both at school and in the community. She is a voluntary recreation assistant at Cashmere Home and at school she is a mentor for younger students.

Priyanki’s goal is to study medicine at Otago University. Her grant will assist with first year Health Science costs at Otago.


Age:16         Arts-Dancer

CHRISTINA GUIEBChristina is a current student at St Mary’s College. She is a talented dancer involving Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop. She has a natural talent and her grant will help towards the costs involved in dancing.



Age:17         Education-Health Science

EMILY HEANEYEmily attends Samuel Marsden College where she has been awarded many academic prizes in the past 5 years. She is a motivated and committed student. She plays a senior role in the school and has excellent leadership skills. Emily is currently working toward her Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Emily hopes to study medicine and her grant will help her with next years’ University expenses for Health Science at Otago.


Age:18         Education-Health Science

EVELYNLESIAWANEvelyn A current student at St Mary’s College, Evelyn is achieving at a high academic level. She has involved herself in the life of the school by managing the Peer Support Team and tutoring in the maths clinic.

Next year she plans to attend University to begin her medical career. Ultimately she would like to specialise in Dermatology and the impact of the environment on the skin. Her grant will be used for next years’ studies.


Age:17         Education-Health Science

REBECCA MAKRebecca attends Newlands College where she is a focussed and disciplined student who works hard to achieve success. Her excellent work habits make her a great role model for others. She has excelled highly in Maths and English and is a member of her school debating team.

Rebecca aims to study medicine and her grant will assist her with University studies in Health Science next year.


Age:17         Education-Outdoor & Sustainability

KatieO'loughlinKatie attends Tawa College where she is a Prefect, house leader and year 9 form mentor. She is fully involved in many college sports and has been an age group representative in athletics. Katie is a volunteer leader at the Y.M.C.A holiday camps and was awarded the Kiwi Award for premier camp leader two years running..

Her project is to complete the Bachelor of Sustainability and Outdoor Education over the next three years, and then complete a Teacher Training degree. Her grant will assist her with these studies


AGE:16     Sport-Track Cycling

Eleanor Pepperell Eleanor attends Onslow College. She is a keen track cyclist and next year wishes to compete in the “BikeNZ” Elite and the under 19 National Championships in the Waikato. Eleanor is an assistant coach for the PNP track cycling and road cycling junior programme.

The grant she receives will assist her to upgrade her equipment for the Bike NZ Elite and National Championships next year.


AGE:16     Arts-Singer

Ben currently attends Onslow College excelling in Music. He successfully auditioned for the NZ secondary schools choir last year. This is a 2 year commitment and is a nationally recognised ensemble. In July to August next year the choir will travel to South America to perform and be part of the International Society for Music Education.

Ben is very supportive of the College Music Department and brings an intelligent and dedicated presence to whatever ensemble he is working with. He will be a valued member of the choir and his grant will assist with the costs involved.


AGE:17     ​​​Education-Health Science

Michael Seow Michael attends Wellington College where he has achieved well academically. He sets high standards and goals for himself and is a well organised and motivated learner.

Michael wishes to pursue a medical degree and will attend Otago University next year to do health Science. His grant will assist with University expenses.


AGE:17     ​​​Education-Dentistry

Georges Tinawi Georges is currently attending St Patricks College where he is Deputy Head Boy. Georges’ academic record is exceptional. In addition to his academic success Georges has also excelled in ballet, music and public speaking. He has achieved outstanding results in ballet and piano at both national and international levels and his list of achievements is impressive.

Georges goal is to study first year health sciences at Otago University and from there enter the Dentistry programme. His grant will help toward his studies.


AGE:17     ​​​Education-Engineering

Georges Tinawi Michelle attends Queen Margaret College. She is an intelligent and talented student and enjoys academic challenges, especially in the science field where she has won many competitions. Michelle also shows excellent leadership skills. She is presently the youth MP for Ohariu and served with distinction in the Youth Parliament in July.

Michelle is aiming for a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Canterbury University and her grant will assist her with next years’ expenses.


AGE:17     ​​​Education-Performing Arts

Puletini Vaofusi Puletini is a current student at Newlands College where he has shown prowess in both the sporting, academic and performing arts fields. Puletini is student achieving with Excellence who is also a great role model for his culture and school. He assists with many activities within his church which have helped him to develop self confidence and leadership skills.

Puletini wishes to attend Toi Whakaori, the NZ drama school, in 2014 and his grant will assist him with the costs of the programme.


AGE:17     ​​​Education-Student Exchange

Caitlin attends Wellington Girls College where she is very involved in school life. Caitlin is passionate about art, history and languages and to this end volunteers at Katherine Mansfield Birthplace and the Ministry for Culture and Heritage where she has updated their websites. She shows maturity beyond her years.

Caitlin is pursuing a career in either arts or history with a view to becoming a curator or work within a Museum environment. Caitlin has been accepted for a student exchange to French speaking Canada for 6 months to further her language skills. Her grant will assist with her exchange expenses.


AGE:18     ​​​Education-Law

Owen Wilkinson Owen is currently studying Law and Politics, History and Economics at Otago University. He has excelled academically throughout his schooling and University years.Owen has demonstrated an exceptional work ethic and is committed to achieving excellence in his studies at Otago University.

He wishes to volunteer at the Otago Communitys Law Centre which will give him excellent experience as well as benefiting the community. Owen’s grant will help towards University costs.

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