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What is the aim of the Trust ?

To build a better community by developing long term benefits within individual members of the community. These benefits will show in the form of personal and community pride, personal achievement, and community leadership by example.

Where does the money come from?

When the Trust was established a founding grant was made from a local Trust that was established when the Founder of the Independent Herald sold the newspaper to a National chain. That fund has now been used up. Two other local businesses have been instrumental in the establishment and ongoing support of the Trust. Autostop Group Ltd and Northern Timber Mitre 10 (more recently Crofton Downs Mitre 10) have maintained financial support since 1986 and are currently the key supporters of the Trust. Additional support has been gained from the Johnsonville Licensing Charitable Trust on two occasions.

How many grants have been made and for what amount?

To the end of 2015 there have been 325 members of our community that have benefited from the Trust. The grants over this period have totalled $565,626.00

Can I help the Trust?

If you are able to donate funds or offer services to the Trust then please contact one of our Trustees.

Why was the Trust established?

The Trustees saw the benefit in giving encouragement and financial support to those many members of our community that struggle to achieve self-set goals. Trustees see the grants as a form of encouragement, a pat on the back, a confidence boost to those that strive for success, whatever the field they have chosen.

FAQ’s about the application

Who can apply?

Applications are restricted to individuals; we do not take applications on behalf of teams or groups.

Are there age limits for applicants?

Applicants must be between the aged between 13 and 23 years of age as at 30th September in the year of application.

What locality do the Grants apply to?

Applicants must live or come from within the Tawa, Churton Park, Newlands, Johnsonville, Khandallah, Ngaio, Crofton Downs area in the year of the application.

What value are the grants?

Individual grants have ranged from a few hundred dollars up to $5000 and the Trustees set these limits each year when considering the applications.

How many grants are made each year?

Over the past 5 years between 10 and 12 grants have been made each year.

How much is the average grant?

Over the last few years’ grants have averaged $2000 per person.

How do I apply?

Applications must be made on our application form which is available from the Autostop office (Level 2, 111 Johnsonville Road, ph 939 4498) or may be downloaded from this web site here.

Who should complete the application form?

It is preferable that the applicant complete the form however parents or teachers may assist particularly for younger applicants. Note that the applicant must complete the last page. For applicants under 20 years of age a parent or guardian must sign the form as well.

Who should apply?

Grants are given in categories covering sports, education, arts and professional studies. We are looking for achievement-orientated people who will benefit from our support.

What do Trustees look for in applicants?

Trustees are looking for people that may currently be or who will in the future make a positive contribution to our community in some tangible way. Trustees are also looking to understand how the recipient will benefit from each grant that is made and to understand if the benefit is a wider community one or purely to the individual. All such benefits are considered.

Can I apply more than once?

Eligible applicants may only make one application in each year.

How many grants can I get?

As there are many applicants Trustees have a policy of giving any individual a maximum of two grants over a number of years. There are only a limited number of exceptional applicants who have received more than one grant.

Are my financial circumstances relevant?

Trustees take into account the effort and support of families, Clubs, Teams and friends that may already lend their support to an individual to help them succeed. They also consider the ability and efforts to fund raise along with any conflict that may have with time required reaching goals.

When do I apply?

Completed applications must be received from 15th June to the 8th of August and any applications later than this will not be considered.

Where do I send my application?

Applications are to be posted to P O Box 13-354, Johnsonville or may be dropped off at the Autostop Office at Level 2, 111 Johnsonville Road.

When will I find out if my application was successful?

Applicants can expect to hear back from Trustees by letter or phone on or about the 14th September. If you do not get a reply then by all means email as we are always anxious to let all applicants know of our decisions as soon as possible.

When are the Grants awarded?

Grants are awarded on the first or second Monday of October at an evening  function organised by Johnsonville Rotary Club. This presentation function is held in the Johnsonville Community Centre, on Moorefield Road, adjacent to the Johnsonville Aquatic Centre.

Where is the awards ceremony and who may attend?

The awards ceremony is held in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Johnsonville at their dinner meeting. This is in the Johnsonville Community Centre. Awardees are able to have a family member attend with them and a guest speaker hands out the awards in conjunction with Trustees.

Who does the Judging?

The Trustees are all people who have lived or worked within the area for many years and have local knowledge and contacts which they use in assessing the validity of applications. All decisions are final and the Trustees do not enter into discussion regarding their decisions.

What happens if I do not use my grant?

Grants are based upon the application and awardees must return the grant or seek exemption from Trustees if the award is to be used in any manner other than that outlined in the application.

For audit resons, Trustees require confirmation six months after the grant has been made that it has been applied in the manner the applicant requested the grant for.

Are applicants interviewed?

Shortlisted applicants may be interviewed at the Trustees discretion.

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The Trust embodies dreams made real, lives honoured, families strengthened. That’s the best of practical generosity, a gift that touches one recipient then spreads across our community to touch us all.