Autostop Group

Since 1970 Autostop has been involved in servicing Motor Vehicles in the Johnsonville Community.

We currently operate Autostop Johnsonville, a vehicle repair shop at 111 Johnsonville Road.

We have always given strong support to our community and believe that this is the responsibility of any “local” Business. In 1986 we changed from a system of impulsive sponsorship to the current Youth Grants system. The objective has been to ensure that we can make a positive effect within our community over many years. Concentrating on the development of youth within the community and striving to create future leaders will bring long-term benefit to the greater Johnsonville area.

As a Company we believe in the value and importance of each individual and just as we wish for success for Youth Grant recipients we wish for success for our staff and their families. It is our hope that by playing this active role within our community that our staff and business will continue to prosper and be recognised as a integral part of the wider community that we live in.


Chris & Helen Kirk-Burnnand

Chris & Helen Kirk-Burnnand - Owners

The Rotary Club of Johnsonville

The Rotary Club of Johnsonville are long term sponsors of the Johnsonville Youth Grants. As part of its Community involvement Rotary Johnsonville sponsor the Awards night. This generally involves about 40 Trustees, recipients and guests in addition to Club members. A meal is provided and an interesting Guest Speaker highlights the importance of supporting youth in our community. It is an enjoyable and relaxing night that specifically highlights the success of recipients through the Citations that accompany each award. One or two  recipients are selected to say thanks on behalf of all recipients.

The Rotary Club

The Shennan Family

Bob & Sue have provided support to the Trust since the 2007 Grants round.

Bob and Sue say: "We have always played an active role in our community and see the Johnsonville Youth Grants Trust as an organization that works to encourage success and leadership within our community. We see this as an important element to bring success to our local youth”

Bob & Sue Shennan

Bob & Sue Shennan