Since 2018 applications are only open to current Students of Newlands, Onslow and Tawa Colleges. Each College runs its own application system based upon the criteria set by Johnsonville Youth Grants Trust.

Applications for Youth Grants

Applications are open to individuals who are students at each of the above Colleges in the year of application.

​Grants are given in categories covering sports, education, arts and professional studies. We are looking for achievement-orientated people who will benefit from our support. Also, there is a focus upon students who have made substantial positive progression in any of these selected categories when considering their initial performance levels.

​Your community involvement and what you put back is very relevant to the application.

Applications are made between June – July of each year and the College recommendations come to the Trustees mid-August. Each College manages their own grant application system.

The Grants

Over the past years, grants have ranged from $500 to $2000 with a total of about $36,000 given out yearly between the Colleges.

Each College is looking for students that currently or in the future will make a positive contribution to our community in some tangible way. The Colleges are also looking to understand how the recipient will benefit from each grant that is made and to understand if the benefit is a wider community one or purely to the individual. All such benefits are considered.

​ Applicants will be notified of results by mid-September and grants are presented at an Awards Ceremony in Johnsonville Shopping Centre in early October.