Who may apply for a Johnsonville Youth Grant?

You must be a current student at Onslow College, Newlands College or Tawa College.

If I am not a student at one of the qualifying Colleges can I still apply?

No. Grants are only open to current students at these Colleges.

How do I apply?

Each College runs its own application system however they have a common approach with an emphasis on those who have community involvement and where outcomes are likely to help others.

Are my financial circumstances relevant?

Yes, all matters are considered when you apply for a grant.

Who does the judging?

Each College makes its own assessment of the applications and puts forward their recommendations to the Johnsonville Youth Grants Trust Trustees who review and make the final decision.

How much are the grants for?

The grant amount per person can vary between $500 and $2000 with larger grants made under exceptional circumstances.

Can I apply more than once?

So long as you are a student at one of our qualifying Colleges you may apply although previous grants you have received will be taken into consideration.

What is the total of grants given each year?

This is dependent on our donors however we have been consistently donating over $36,000 between the three Colleges.

Why do you make these Grants?

The Johnsonville Youth Grants Trust was established with the intention of encouraging and developing leadership, community pride, responsibility across the youth in our community. He awards recognise your efforts to date along with your future goals.

Who is funding the Grants?

The funding comes from our sponsors, local business’s and employers who are within our community. Currently these include, Autostop Group, Churton Homes, Countdown, Mint Property, Property Logic and Johnsonville Shopping Centre.

When are the grants made?

Selection takes place within each of the Colleges between June and August of each year. The awards ceremony is held in October of each year.

How do I receive my grants?

If you have been selected for a grant your Colleges needs to provide bank account details and the funds are remitted directly into that account on the day of the awards ceremony or within a few days of the ceremony.

Will my name and photo be published on your web page?

All awardees are required to provide a passport style photo and agree to the photo and your name being listed on the web page along with a citation that simply explains what your award is for.

Does my grant have to be used based upon my application?

Yes. If your circumstances change and you are not able to use the grant as it was applied for then you need to contact the Trustees and either return the grant or request that it be used for a different purpose.

What is the value of Grants given since the Trust started?

Since the Trust started in 1987 there have been 390 grants made with a total value of over $665,000.

Am I able to become a donor?

Yes. The Trust seeks to build the level of donations so we can continue to expand funding to support youth from our selected Colleges.