2012 Grants

2012 Recipients of Grants Totaling $27,500

Alexandra Clearwater, Age 17 (Arts – Vocalist)

Alexandra is completing her secondary education at Onslow College and next year plans to attend Otago University to study for a BA in Psychology and a Bachelor of Music in Classical Voice Performance.
She has been learning classical voice for many years and in 2011 achieved high distinction in Grade 6 Classical Voice at NZ School of Music. Alexandra has performed at Rita Angus and Malvina Major Retirement Homes, in school musicals and her church choir. This year she has been lead soprano in the Onslow College choir.
Alexandra says that “music brings out the best in her”. She intends to share her talent working with special needs children and the elderly, when she completes her double degree and a post graduate degree in Musical Therapy.
Her grant will assist her with University expenses.

Jie Hong Fan, Age 17 (Education – Engineering)

Jie Hong has attended Tawa College since 2008. He is an outstanding academic student and is particularly strong in both Chemistry and Physics.
Jie Hong plans to study an Engineering degree, specialising in Mechatronics because he is interested in the integration between electronics and mechanical machines.
Jie Hong has been involved in scouts and is presently a venture and is a member of Redwood Badminton Club. He has involved himself in the wider life at school and has been a member of the dawn chorus, sung with the Barbershop Quartet and played guitar for the school musical. This year he has also been a school prefect.
In 2011 he participated in NZ Top Engineering Scientist competition for secondary schools and this year attended the National Youth Science Forum. He has also gained high distinctions in the Australasian Science and Maths Competitions.
Jie Hong aims to achieve 1st class honours in Engineering. His grant will help with University costs.

Natalie Foy, Age 20 (Arts – Singer) Shennan Family Grant

Natalie attended Samuel Marsden Collegiate School from 2003-2009. In 2009 she was Deputy Head Girl. She is currently studying a BCA at Victoria University.
Natalie is a member of the NZ Youth Choir and has the opportunity to join this choir on an overseas tour. She was previously a member of the NZ secondary students choir and was the alto section leader in 2009-2010. She travelled to Canada with this choir in 2010 where they won the Peoples Choice Award and placed 1st in the Adult Mixed Choir category. Natalie gained distinction in singing at the Royal School of Music Grade 7 Competition in 2010. Natalie is a member of Khandallah Women’s Tennis Team and is a StarJam singing tutor for young people with disabilities. She has also been a singing soloist in the Wellington Chinese New Year Festivals since 2001. Natalie’s grant will help with expenses for the tour with the NZ Youth Choir next year.

James Harwood, Age 14 (port – Fencing)

James is a year 10 student at Onslow College. He has been a student of fencing since the age of 9, and is currently ranked 3rd in the National under 15 rankings and 25th in the under 20 age categories.
He has a passion for fencing and is dedicated to the sport. An indication of this is that ever since he was at intermediate school, he has caught a train from Raroa to Wellington, another to Petone and then walked to the fencing clubrooms for lessons.
James has also been involved in junior soccer, clubs and scouts. James is needing fencing equipment to meet international standards and his grant will assist him with this purchase.

Lisa Kiyomoto-Fink, Age 16 (Education – Student Exchange)

Lisa has attended Onslow College since 2009 and has been accepted as a high school student exchange to Switzerland next year.
Lisa has bought many leadership skills to her school. She is involved with year 12 student council, environmental group, writing for the school magazine and helping raise funds for Amnesty International. She has also worked backstage in the school production of South Pacific. Lisa represents the school in sport playing netball and badminton. Outside school she works for the YMCA as a team leader at Cashmere School before and after school care and she loves working with and teaching children.
Academically Lisa excels in Maths and Japanese.
Lisa’s 12 month stay in Switzerland will widen her cultural knowledge, build new relationships and enable her to learn a new language. Her grant will assist with her stay in Switzerland.

Jun Lee Age, 15 (Education – Health Science)

Jun attended Scots College where he excelled academically finishing his final year as Dux and with top subject awards in all his subjects. This year he has done Heath Science at Otago University and he plans to follow with a Medical Degree and Degree in Surgery.
Jun has involved himself in martial arts and chess. He has a black belt in taekwondo and was the National Class Chess Champion 3 times.
Jun is a natural leader, and articulate young man and has a genuine all round personality. Jun shows maturity well beyond his age.
Since a very young boy, Jun has wanted to be the person to find a cure for cancer and upon completing his degree he plans to work in cancer research. His dream is to win a Nobel Prize in medicine and he quotes “that however unlikely this is, I will never get anywhere if I don’t dream and aim for it”.
Jun’s grant will assist with his University expenses.

Bridget Liddell, Age 16 (Sport – Tennis)

Bridget attends Queen Margaret College and is in Year 12.
Although dedicated to a tennis career, she has the maturity to balance her tennis commitment and her academic requirements.
Her work ethos has seen her rise int he last two years from approximately 30 in New Zealand to become the number 1 seeded player at the New Zealand 16s National Titles. She also became the New Zealand 16s Champion in the same year.
Bridget’s grant will assist in her quest to attend the Australian Open Juniors. In the hope of qualifying for this event she will play in the lead up tournament in Melbourne.
She then hopes to attend a U.S College on a full tennis scholarship. She has been described as a “real prospect for New Zealand tennis”.

Nathanael Lucas, Age 20 (Education – Health Science)

Nathanael is currently attending Auckland University in his 3rd year studying towards a medical degree. He has gained “A” results in all subjects and is in the top half of the medical cohort.
Nathanael is a member of the NZ development squad for Lawn Bowls and also plays Northern League Football. During the university summer break Nathanael conducted research for Capital Coast District Heath Board in Follicular Lymphoma and hopes this research will soon be published.
Nathanael’s goal is to perform at the highest level in his medical training. He is a most able communicator, has a good sense of humour and excellent people skills. With these qualities and his dedication it will ensure his success in the future.
Nathanael’s grant will assist with University costs.

Amy Lynch, Age 17 (Education – Biochemistry)

Amy is currently a Year 13 student at St Mary’s College. She is achieving at an excellent level academically.
Amy is fully involved in bother her school and local community. She is in the Premier A Debating Team and also coaches a Junior Debating Team. A leader in Peer Support, Amy also successfully ran an anti-bullying programme.
Amy has almost completed her Queen’s Guide Award and works in the B18 Brownie Unit for 7-9 year old girls. She takes children’s liturgy at her local church.
Amy’s goal is to become a scientist in biochemistry or biotechnology. She is really interested in how cells work and the potential benefits to human health through better understanding of disease – or the environment in managing pollution. Amy will begin a Bachelor of Science with Honours in 2013, followed by a PhD. Her grant will assist with these studies.

Rachel Murray, Age 22 (Education – Architecture)

A past pupil of Onslow College, Rachel is now completing her final year of Bachelor of Architectural Studies majoring in Architecture. Rachel is an outstanding student who also manages to involve herself fully in community activities. She has maintained contact with Onslow College and freely gives up her time to assist with Outdoor Education and excursions.
Rachel works full time in summer and mid-term holidays as a Tour Leader on an adventure tour bus called Flying Kiwis. In 2007 Rachel had a one year exchange trip to Quebec and is a current volunteer as a student liaison for exchange students in New Zealand. She has completed French language courses up to 300 level.
Rachel will attend the Ecole Special d’Architecture in Paris, France, for 5 months in 2013. This will help her develop both as an architect and a global leader through being completely immersed in one of the most architecturally influential cities in the world. She will return to New Zealand to complete her studies. Rachel has been described as someone who studies hard, achieves very good grades, and knows how to have a good time when she is not studying. Her grant will help towards her exchange semester to Paris.

Thilini Nanayakkara, Age 17 (Education – Health Science)

Thilini has attended Newlands College since 2008. She intends to study health science at Otago next year and follow with a medical degree.
Thilini has achieved at the top level of her year level in all subjects and obtained the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award in 2010. This year she has been a volunteer recreational officer at Johnsonville Aotea Home and is hoping to gain her Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award. She is a member of the Wellington Sri Kankan charitable organisation and the Sri Lankan drama and drumming group. She is also a senior dancer in the Sri Lankan dance academy and in February this year became the first ever Sri Lankan dance graduate outside of New Zealand.
Thilini is a hard worker and sets realistic goals for her achievement. She relates well to all ages and demonstrates humility with a supportive approach to those around her. On completing her medical degree she hopes to work in the field of neuroanatomy and to help find a solution for Alzheimer’s Disease.
Her grant will assist her with first year university costs.

David Owen, Age 23 (Education – Politics Honours)

David is an ex pupil of Newlands College and has attended Otago University where he has completed a law degree and Bachelor of Arts in Politics. Next year he has been invited to study for a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Politics. This is a one year post graduate qualification.
David is passionate about the outdoors and our world and regularly ventures into the Southern Alps to further is goal of climbing Mt Cook before he graduates. He has already climbed Mt Aspiring, Mt Earnslaw and Black Peak.
David has a keen interest in global politics and the diversity of global culture and has travelled to Gallipoli in Turkey and the Fjords of Artic Norway.
David is applying for tutorship in the Politics Department and intends to continue his involvement with the Dunedin Community Law Centre where he has worked as a Legal Advisor. He is a competent and hard working member of their team, and has the ability to relate well to a wide range of people.
His grant will assist with university expenses.

Meghan Verry, Age 18 (Education – BA Politics)

Meghan is a student at Victoria University studying a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce. She has been accepted to study in Washington D.C. as a student exchange for one year.
Meghan is passionate about American history, politics and economics. She hopes by studying at an American University that her degree from Victoria University will be enriched. Meghan wants to learn about the domestic politics of the United States as well as the role the U.S. plays in world affairs. While at Victoria University, Meghan has taken on extra, non-credit, academic work for the University’s International Leadership Programme, a continuing education course on China, and language studies in both Arabic and Spanish.
Aside from her academic studies Meghan has made a valuable contribution to the Child Development Service. She has also been in paid employment with Whitcoulls. Her grant will go towards her studies.

Joshua Wharton, Age 17 (Education – Science)

Joshua is currently finishing his Year 13 at Tawa College. Next year he intends studying towards a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Nutrition and minoring in Sports Exercise Science.
This year Joshua is head boy of Tawa College. His is involved in a large number of activities within the school and community, and recently was nominated for a Tawa Civic Award for his contributions to youth. He tutors students at lunchtimes and coaches girls football while playing representative football himself.
Joshua also runs the school “breakfast club” where support is provided for junior students. He belongs to the Barbershop Quartet which came 2nd in the regional competitions this year.
In addition to his exceptional service ethic, Joshua manages to achieve excellent academic results. He is a natural leader and very supportive and encouraging of others. He is a young man who will not only go on to achieve with excellent results but for whom service and giving back are an intrinsic part of who he is. Joshua’s grant will help him with university costs next year.

(John) Jong yoon Won, Age 17 (Education – Health Science)

John is in his final year at Wellington College. He wishes to do Heath Science next year to hopefully continue to study a Degree in Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. He has excelled academically and has been in the accelerated class for both Maths and English. Apart from his studies, John has helped run the International Students Association at Wellington College.
John has a passion for music and plays the violin. He is also interested in martial arts and plays tennis for Churton Park Tennis Club. John is also working part time as a junior manager for Glen Alton Motel.
John is keen to become a general practitioner on the completion of his degree. His grant will help with next years university expenses.