2015 Grants

2015 Recipients of Grants Totaling  $ 25,300

Nuha ANAS (Law & Criminal Justice Degree)

Nuha is active in many areas of her school Community. A school prefect who makes a contribution to leadership through her involvement as an English and Science Associate, within the Choir and through sports. She is an astute and engaging speaker. Nuha values her culture and heritage and is open minded and aware of the cultural values of those around her.

Phoebe ANDERSON (Otago University Health Science)

Phoebe has studied a wide range of science subjects and has extended her study to scholarship level. She has represented her College in both hockey and athletics while serving as a peers support leader. Phoebe is determined to pursue a career in medicine.

Tamara ANDERSON (Tennis)

Tamara excels in all activities covered in the Physical Education Programme. A natural athlete she achieves at a very high level for her age. Tamara holds the 2015 National Under 14 girls singles Tennis title and this year also won the 2015 College Sport Wellington Girls title. Tamara has been playing competitive tennis since she was 10 and has a bright future in the game.

Josh BLACKMORE (Electrical & Electronic Engineering Hons)

Josh is a talented young man who has set himself a high standard balancing his studies with community projects. He contributes to the Student Army programme, marshals various sporting events and helps at the Avon Rowing Club. He also assists with Rotary Club of Christchurch.

Charlotte HOLLYWOOD (Scout Flying School)

Charlotte is currently a member of the Ranger section of Girl Guides which involves many hours of community service. She has gained her Duke of Edinburgh Award and is on track for her Queens Guide award. A top academic student with a love of science, maths and engineering which drives her interest in learning to fly.

Jessica KERR (HR management & Psychology)

Deputy Head girl at Tawa College and an excellent role model for the younger students. Jessica has played cricket at junior and senior level for the College and Captained the NZ under 17 indoor cricket team. A member of the barbershop chorus which placed highly in the National competitions. Jessica is an outstanding young woman who has contributed a great deal to Tawa College.

Min Yi LEE (Education Medicine)

An outstanding student in the College’s Top Achievers Group, Min Yi also tutors junior students in Mathematics, and senior students in Physics. A member of the Premier A Debating Team and coaches a year 9 debating team. Besides being proficient in Piano and Violin she is a Black Belt in Rhee Tae Kwando.

Bridget MARSTON (Education Sports Management)

Bridget is a self-motivated student who balances a range of extra-curricular activities with her studies. She plays handball, water polo, tennis and has coached and captained netball at various levels while coaching youngsters in water safety at Karori Pool. Bridget is a school prefect, a mentor to younger students, hard worker and is highly driven by personal goals.

Rory McKENZIE (University Research Project)

Rory’s passion for and commitment to the study of Italian is exemplary. He has been accepted to present his research at the University of British Columbia Conference in 2016. His honors research paper grew from a summer scholarship winner. Rory takes an active role in the Johnsonville Cricket Club and demonstrates a good work ethic along with leadership skills.

Olivia MELHOP (Education visual arts & Design)

Olivia is involved in her church activities where she is an unofficial photographer for the Tawa Salvation Army. She assists with layout and design and has produced publications for Riding for Disabled. She brings a positive attitude and optimism to all tasks and always gives her best to any project.

Joshua NIGHTINGALE (Performing Arts, Dancer)

As Head boy at Tawa College Joshua has developed a close connection to the community and is fully involved in the wider life of his school particularly in the cultural arena. A talented dancer, selected to represent NZ at the Young Americans Performing Arts College in Los Angeles. With developing leadership and interpersonal skills he will have the ability to teach.

Dinura PATEL (Bach. Engineering UOA)

A motivated student with a high level of academic achievement. Involved in a multitude of extra-curricular activities including drama, music and sport. Dinura has involved himself in the Science fair and maths, English and science competitions.

Francis RANKIN (St Johns Cadet NZ Rep)

Francis is a cadet leader with St Johns and has received one of the highest awards cadets can attain. Francis donates her time towards running portions of the youth programme and has pride along with a keen community spirit. She has been selected to represent NZ for St John youth at the international competitions in Hong Kong.

Nicola SHAW (Education physiotherapy)

With a strong academic record Nicola has played for the 1st XI cricket team, umpired netball and is doing her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. An accomplished Interclub tennis player who also provides coaching services to the club. Her aim is to help people recover from sports injuries.

Laila SMITH (Circus – Aerial Trapeze)

Laila has athletic talent and determination to succeed in gymnastics and circus arts. A member of the Wellington Youth Circus and an artist in her own right she juggles hours of practice alongside her academic studies and community involvement. She is keen to use her leadership skills to help others.

Andrew SPEKREIJSE (Education Engineering)

Academically able and with activities involving leadership and help to others Andrew has both his Queens Scout Award and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Hilary Award. He will join the Spirit of NZ followed by a student exchange to the Netherlands through the Institute of International Understanding. Prior to starting university.

Ellen VERRY (Squash Scholarship USA)

Ellen has been selected and is attending Franklin Marshall College in USA as an undergraduate student, playing squash competitively for the university while studying psychology and neuroscience. Ellen has a professional approach to her academic and sporting life and is ranked 6th in NZ in the women’s under 19 grade.

Eleanor WEST (Education Biological and Earth Sciences)

A student leader deeply committed to caring for the environment and keen to establish a community garden in Johnsonville. Eleanor is a senior cadet within St Johns youth division, has a wealth of first aid knowledge has competed and achieved the Grand Prior Award this year.

Linda YAMOAH (Educational Health Science)

A very able and highly motivated student who is prepared to challenge herself to achieve and has shown a strong sense of purpose in her leadership within the school as a House Captain. Linda likes to help others and this has been demonstrated within school and at Malvina Major Retirement Village along with voluntary leadership roles within her church and as a member of the school girls Barbershop Quartet. Her passion is to attain a medical degree to better help others.