Whatever you do in life, a Johnsonville Youth Grant could help you get there!

Our aim is to build a better community by developing long term benefits within individual members of the community. 
​These benefits will show in the form of personal and community pride, personal achievement, and community leadership by example.

The Trust

The trust exists to help the young people living within the Tawa to Crofton Downs area, excel in life through monetary grants in the following areas:

  • Sport
  • Academia
  • Arts
  • Other professional endevours

We particularly look for abilities that may make a future contribution to our community in some tangible way.

Where does the money come from?

When the Trust was established an initial grant was made from a local Trust that was established when the Founder of the Independent Herald sold the newspaper to a National chain. That fund has now been used up. Ongoing sponsorship has been provided from Autostop Group Ltd and it’s sister company Property Logic Ltd. Since 2016 new sponsors have joined and we are now looking to build our grants through a wider network of local business interests.

How many grants have been made and for what amount?

Grants to 390 Awardees to October 2018, $665,126 awarded to local youth. Includes $36,000 for 2018 year.

How can I help?

If you are able to donate funds or offer services to the Trust then please contact one of our Trustees.

“I would like to extend my appreciation to Johnsonville Youth Trust and thank you for providing me with support in order for me to pursue my dreams and train overseas for Judo.”

– Alex Rivett